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        Our philosophy   (click here)

Mayaexplor Tour Operator wishes, through its activities, to promote and develop responsible tourism in Guatemala.

We are convinced that, though the combined commitment of our tour operators and clients to several fundamental principles, responsible tourism can enable a country to preserve its culture and natural environment, while at the same time develop its economy : The human being, the environment and the economy can co-exist in harmony!

Moreover, though the creation a respectful consciousness for the diversity of our cultures and ways of life, such tourism can establish understanding and closer ties between people.

Mayaexplor´s objective is:
- To allow people to discover Guatemala in an authentic and original way.
- To allow discovery of its inhabitants, its culture and its traditions while maintaining respect for the ecological, economical and socio-cultural balances that exist within the country.

Mayaexplor is committed to the Ethical World Code of Tourism (October of 1999) . The Code advocates quality tourism that is respectful of the population, cultures and the environment, and that aspires to promote, everywhere in the world, a responsible and sustainable tourism, for the benefit of all.

In support of this ideal, we created a charter for both our team and our travelers.

The Mayaexplor Charter


Conscious of our responsibilities as professionals in tourism and averring that tourism must be organized not only for the self-realization and wellbeing of the traveler, but also in the interest of, and with respect for the local population, its traditions, its cultural and natural resources and its economy, we commit ourselves to respect and apply the following principles :

To undertake our tourist activities by integrating ourselves perfectly with the local environment, respecting the unique nature of each country visited.

To take care to not interfere with local cultures, traditions or beliefs.

To fight against the deterioration of culture of the local population by supporting and protecting its social and cultural identities.

To prohibit and shun any form of exploitation and humiliation and to take care to respect, and effect an enduring respect for, the rights of each individual..

To undertake our activities with respect for the integrity of the natural environment and to take active part in its protection.

To allow the host country and its population to profit equitably from our activity, in particular by supporting the development of the local communities.

To support the local population by using local services whenever possible.

To remunerate all of our collaborators justly and adequately for their service.

To ensure that our development aid is implemented with respect of the local economic balance.

To provide the traveler, before his departure, with all essential information and references concerning the country to be visited.

To care for the well being of the traveler and to ensure the success of his trip.

To take care that all of our collaborators and partners adhere to our principles.

In addition, we ask our travelers to commit to these responsible behaviors :

To adopt behaviors that have a minimal impact on the local environment.

To respect the local population, its culture, its habits and its beliefs: to be tolerant, open-minded and understanding.

To demonstrate humility : to understand the subjectivity of his own values and to set aside his prejudices, his thoughts and "functioning" modes - to not impose them.

To take in with "new eyes" the surrounding environment.

Do not record video or take photographs without prior permission in all circumstances. To ask for permission is not always enough. Do not promise to send photos if you are not sure you can fulfill your promise.

To learn some courtesy expressions in Spanish (hello, thanks...).

Do not act like "Santa Clauses", even if the generosity derives from good intentions.

Bargaining is welcome. Outrageous negotiation is not !

Do not touch elements of the cultural and natural significance (archaeological pieces, orchids...).

To give preference to local craftsmen and small producers for purchases.

To respect and to protect nature and the environment: Do not pollute the natural environment. Do no leave non-biodegradable wastes, even if the local population does not follow this example.

To try and bring home the waste that is most polluting and not easily recycled (batteries, aerosols, plastics...).

To avoid wasting precious resources like water and electricity.

To prepare in advance and educate oneself about the characteristics and complex local realities of the country that one plans on visiting.


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